Our Mission

EO Technical Solutions strives to lower the Operational Expense (OpEx) for ASML process layers by supplying fully tested and qualified repaired/rebuilt parts to the marketplace at a reduced cost. With our ASML knowledge and experience, and through excellence in customer service and attention to the highest quality standards, we seek to be the #1 second source ASML 5500 parts supplier in the world.

EOTS Main Office, USA

EO Technical Solutions, LLC
11304 NE 66th St
Suite 102
Vancouver, WA 98662; USA

Contact Info: General Sales

Email: Litho@eotechnical.com
Phone: 360.828.7630

East Coast Sales

Contact: Bill Jones
Email: Bill.Jones@eotechnical.com
Phone: 207.420.4933

Universities / Govt Sales 

Contact: Joe Consolini
Email: Joe@eotechnical.com
Phone: 744.655.7497

European Sales

Contact: Jim Doran
Email: Jim.Doran@eotechnical.com
Phone: +44 780.196.5211

Singapore Sales

Contact: Yaw Yan Yee
Email: Yaw@adelis.asia
Phone: +65 9691.7207