EOTS is the leader in second source parts for the ASML PAS5500, PAS5000, & PAS2500 Series equipment. The three transaction types that we offer are Repair, Exchange, and Sale. EOTS is primarily a repair / rebuild center that focuses heavily on comprehensive rebuild solutions. Our exclusive ability to test rebuilt parts in PAS5500 steppers & scannners provides additional assurances to Semiconductor Fabs with tight QC standards and high uptime expectations. Repairs average 3-4 weeks for diagnostics, repairs, bench tests, and final tool qualification.

Can’t wait for a repair? EOTS has developed a core exchange program for customers who are tool down.With nearly 30% of our orders being NFO or Counter-to-Counter, we’ve stocked 8000 parts to provide same day shipments for both domestic and international customers.

The third transaction type is a “sale”, this means a core exchange is not required. Some PAS5500 parts such as lasers, motors, bearings, cables do not require an exchange as we supply them new.  Many PAS2500 & PAS5000 parts do not require a core exchange because of the recent purchase of new OEM-stock from Boston semiconductor. If you need a part that doesn’t fall into those categories and a core exchange isn’t possible, we can often sell a part outright. In most the cases the price is 10-20% more than the standard repair / exchange.

We also buy ASML Parts. Contact Us for more information.

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